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MODELUX 4 Door Upright Combo 2C+2F MDS-1040HRF1

Upgrading Series!


Creation: Quality Assurance

  • High quality austenitic stainless steel
  • Adjustable pvc coated steel shelves
  • Solid magnetic gaskets for a tight seal
  • Environment safe HCFC refrigerant
  • Optimum size for space constraint kitchen
  • Complies to global safety standards and regulation


Energy Saving System: One-Time Investment

  • Effective defrost system
  • Excellent cooling performance that guarantees cost saving with long term usage
  • Hi-Low Temperature and Defrost alarm
  • Easy plug-in of 13 Amp power supply (240V/50Hz/1 phase)
  • High density PU for the perfect insulation


Assurance: Hygiene and Safety

  • Complies with global sanitary and food grade standards
  • Ensure food freshness and avoid contamination

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certified for efficient standards & quality

New Feature : Curve Handle

Unique Selling Proposition

solid appearance Distinctive design & solid appearance energy efficient Energy efficient system & environmentally safe refrigerant
easy maintenance Quiet operating system & easy maintenance powerful cooling performance Powerful & consistent cooling performance

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Weight 180 kg
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